Monday, August 10, 2009

And So It Ends

Well, my last day at Fort Snelling has come and gone and I am officially done with my summer internship.

It was a fantastic experience that I'm very glad I had the opportunity to have. Though getting paid would have been nice (when wouldn't it...) it was a great window into the things museums of all sizes have to deal with. Old collections, mystery boxes, and simple (but very essential) organization...

Though certain aspects were a bit mundane and dull (counting tiny lithic flakes...) other bits were fun and new (visiting the History Center!). And every piece helped me understand a little bit better exactly what museums do, don't do, and really wish they could do. :)

I got the opportunity to work in a museum outside of Beloit's Logan Museum, which was great! I got to see how museums in other states handle things and how a huge organization like the Minnesota Historical Society operates compared to the much (much) smaller Logan Museum. I was able to meet and talk to museum professionals and I even learned how to make this blog and get it on the Logan Museum's website.

A full win for an internship experience.

I encourage every student to do an internship or volunteer gig if they're able - it really shows you what's real. School is great, but it doesn't quite give you that dose of reality that you need. ;)

And, as a final note, I'm posting pictures of Molly and I buming around the Fort itself. :D

Thanks for reading everyone!

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